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The Strawberry Moon – Full Moon of June

The full moon of June falls on June 20th this year. Its traditional name was ‘the strawberry moon’. At this time, the strawberries are at their ripest to be picked. Symbolic of the season, this full moon is about completion and reaping the rewards of your handwork.

This is the second occurrence where the moon falls into the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius is associated with expansion, growth, opportunity, success, and travel. Last month’s moon (along side Gemini’s sun) reflected a time to broaden your job/career, and possibly seek out new employment. With double Sagittarius energy with this full moon as well, expect the opportunities to keep on coming.

While the moon may still be in Sagittarius, the sun is transitioning into the zodiac of Cancer. Cancer is a water element, whose ruling planet IS the moon. Cancer’s are very intuitive and have a strong connection to their emotions. While Gemini’s sun may have allowed you to work your way through interviews and getting noticed by employers, the Cancer sun will help you sift through your opportunities, tapping into your intuition to reveal what feels like the right choice for you.

To tap into these celestial energies, here are some crystals that pair nicely with this full moon:


Ocean Jasper – connect to intuition and inner wisdom. Allows you to see the connectiveness of all of life. Calms emotions.

Moonstone – connects to Cancer and the moon. Stimulates intuition and brings new beginnings.

Smoky Quartz – connects to Sagittarius. Aids in manifesting ones dreams and dissolves blockages that stand in your way.

Citrine – a stone of the sun and summer. Brings joy, optimism, prosperity and abundance into your life.


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