Crystal Pairing – Stones for Yoga

When I first started my awakening process of becoming conscious, yoga was one of the first practices on my journey. Back when I was new to energy, it was something that helped me in getting in touch with my own energy and the energy of my surroundings. It allowed me to strengthen my meditation and clear my anxieties. Aside from the energetic side of yoga, it also provided me with a great workout, giving me life force energy.

I started yoga over a year ago and still keep up with my practice, but now, a seasoned yogi, incorporate new methods such as more complicated poses or holding the poses for longer periods of time. I also incorporate crystals into my practice, placing them on my mat to connect with the energy while doing yoga. Through experimenting with crystal energy, I have found different effects with each stone, and have put together four crystals that are perfect for any yogi, from beginner to pro.

Place them on your mat, meditate with them, or arrange them in a grid as I did to bring these energies into your practice.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 7.58.37 AM.png

Celestite – offers peaceful and calming energies. Clears the mind and helps lower stress and anxiety.

Peridot – Connects to the Heart Chakra and balances the aura. Opens one to new levels of awareness.

Carnelian – contains life force energy. Aids in motivation and helps clear distractions while meditating.

Smoky Quartz – a high vibrational stone, it assists in grounding one during meditation, offering protection and dissolving negativity.


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