Crystal Pairing – Stones of Relationship Bliss

For about six months, I have been doing the long distance relationship. My boyfriend and I met at the start of last summer when he came home from college. Once summer ended he had to go back to school in Georgia. We realized that we loved each other and wanted to continue seeing one another, hence doing the long distance thing.

Now that summer is here, he is back home, and has been for about a month. It is odd, going from not seeing each other for months to seeing one another every day, and the transition has been an experience and a lesson.

I’ve learned that this is a guy I could see a future with, which really is a main point in committed relationships. But relationships are not all smooth sailing. The falling in love is easy, but making a relationship work and last takes a lot of effort from both sides. It is learning to blend two different energies together to make a harmonious union. It is seeing things from another perspective, being compassionate, understanding, caring, and compromising. It is all these qualities and more that build a healthy relationship.

Often times, I think we forget these traits that make for a healthy relationship. We sometimes get caught up in the ‘image’ of what we want a partner to be, and when they don’t live up to our standards, this causes bitterness, resentment, and fighting. We may become angry at them for their differences, accepting only parts of them, rather than the whole person. Relationships take a lot of work, but I believe the reward is worth it.

If you have lost sight of these aspects that help build a healthy relationship, or would like some assistance in regaining these qualities, healing crystals are a holistic alternative and energetic tool to assist one in finding the bliss and harmony in your relationship. Carry these stones with you, place them in your home, or make a grid as I did to release these energies into your love life.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.06.22 PM.png

Rhodonite – stimulates, clears, and activates the heart chakra. It heals emotional trauma, promotes forgiveness, and allows you to see both sides of a situation. It is a stone of cooperation, community, and purpose. It protects against envy and jealousy, nurturing love and balancing the emotions.

Smokey Quartz – dissolves negativity, replacing it with positive vibrations. Alleviates communication difficulties. It filters out resentment, sorrow, and removes emotional blockages. Helps one to get through difficult times.

Moonstone – calms the emotions and provides deep emotional healing. It balances and harmonizes both emotional and intellectual aspects of the self. It assists one in dealing with change.

Emerald – a stone of domestic bliss, it enhances partnership. Promotes truth, wisdom, and aids in eloquent expression. It connects to the heart chakra, enhancing love and compassion towards one another. It is an excellent stone for reviving passion.


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