Moon Forecasts

The Flower Moon – Full Moon of May

Saturday the 21st is the date of the full moon for May. It is known as the Flower Moon, and gets its name because of the abundance of flora that appears at this time. Like the blossoming flowers, this is a time of growth and prosperity.

The moon falls under the sign of Sagittarius this month. This zodiac is ruled by the planet of Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion/growth, and success. A fire elemental, Sagittarians are passionate, lively, with a optimistic outlook on life. They are always seeking new ventures and ways to expand, especially with knowledge.

The sun has moved into the position of Gemini at this time. Curiosity is a common trait of Gemini, as they like to learn and share the knowledge and information they gather. An air sign, they are very adaptable and their social and charming natures make them alluring and captivating individuals. Gemini like to move around a lot and tend to ‘go with the wind’.

Combining the sun and moon energies, this is an exciting time and good opportunity for steps involving your job/career. With Sagittarius being a sign of expansion and growth, and Gemini being adaptable, it could be a perfect time for a new position, possibly even faraway since both signs enjoy travel. As both signs are gatherers of knowledge, it could mean a more mentally challenging position. A new job could also point to a promotion, and with Gemini being a social and charming sign, you may have no trouble talking your way to a raise or through an interview. Plus you have the luck and success of Sagittarius to help!

Triple Goddess Moon Beltane zoom
“Triple Goddess Moon – Beltane” Watercolor and Ink, 5×7

Enhance the full moon energy of a new career opportunities with these healing crystals:


Smoky Quartz – A high vibrational and grounding stone, Smoky Quartz dispels negativity, worry and anxiety, removing blockages and obstacles. It assists one in achieving their goals and helping manifest dreams into reality. A stone of Sagittarius.

Red Jasper – The grounding energy of Red Jasper is excellent for maintaining focus and control. It brings strength, courage, and empowerment during challenging times, connecting to Root Chakra energy. It is a protective stone, and helps shield from negativity and danger. Red Jasper is a useful travel stone.

Aquamarine – This soothing stone helps overcome the fear of speaking. It also sharpens the mind, making one’s response time quicker and aids in diplomacy and negotiations. It is a traveling stone and helps protect one during watery voyages. A stone of Gemini.

Blue Lace Agate – This agate connects to the Throat Chakra and is a wonderful stone for communication. It allows your truth to be expressed and heard by others in a suitable manner.

Moonstone – Connects to Lunar Energy, it is a stone of new beginnings. It was also used in the past as a talisman for travelers.



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