Crystal Pairing – Stones to Communicate with your Spirit Guides

The road of self-awakening and consciousness is filled with its own terminology. Chakras, shamanism, etc. It’s enough new information to have one’s own esoteric dictionary. One term that comes up quite a bit for everyone on their spiritual paths is learning about their spirit guides.

Spirit Guides are assigned to you at birth. They are energies you resonate with on some level deeply. They can be former deceased loved ones, even those you had never met. My boyfriend’s Uncle, whom he is named after, is one of his guides. They can be gods/goddesses, or spiritual figures that you have a connection with. For me, one of my guides is Lilith. She is written in many text and is thought to be the first woman, prior to Eve. Other text see her as a witch or seductress. Others have angels as guides, such as Micheal, or spirit animals.

We often have a group of guides. There purpose is to help us along our soul’s journey and life path. They truly act as guides. We can ask them questions and seek advice on decisions and difficulties in our lives, or figure out what it is we need to focus on in order to spiritually grow.

One of the ways we can access their wisdom and seek advice is by communicating with them through mediations. Crystals can help in the communication process, as some can strengthen our vibrations, allowing us to connect to the energetic realm and our higher selves.

If you are looking on connecting with your higher guides, here is a stone pairing that can help you in achieving spiritual communication.


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.40.16 PM.png

Labradorite – heightens mystical energy and transforms spiritual energy into physical body. Strengthens metaphysical abilities.

Moonstone – enhances intuition and psychic abilities.

Black Kyanite – clears and protects your aura as you work in other realms. Helps connect to your spirit guides.

Aragonite – grounds your energy to earth during meditation. Aids in concentration.


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