Crystal Pairing – Stones of Nature Spirits

This past week has given me a bit of insight on what it must be like to live in England. The only bit of information I am basing my comparison off of is the fact that this whole week has been grey skies and rain. So really, not much of a comparison, but I get a sense of why the island is so beautiful….it’s all the rain! It brings about such lush green, and the overcast in the sky only enhances the vividness of the color.

England also is home to an abundance of mystic and magic. It is said that the forests are filled with nature spirits such as nymphs, elves, devas, and fairies. These creatures restore and maintain order in the natural kingdom. Offerings are left for these spirits to establish good bonds and relationships with the physical and spiritual realms.

Wanting to leave my own offering, here is a grid dedicated to the nature spirits. It helps strengthen the bond between you and these beings, opening up a line of communication and attuning with them.


Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 3.15.40 PM

Calcite Fairy Stone – has a strong link to the nurturing energies of Mother Earth, reminding us that ascending and raising our vibrations does not mean losing the connection with the earth and nature.

Preseli Bluestone – acts as a cosmic anchor, attaching you to the core of the earth to ground you during spiritual journeying and communication. Enhances metaphysical gifts.

Peridot – cleanses the aura and opens new levels of awareness. Helps clear and heal environmental energies.


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