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Eight Crystals for Nature Lovers


I consider myself a nature lover. Camping every summer, I grew up in nature, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized my strong connection to the trees, woods, mountains, and creeks. Nature heals me.

When I am outside surrounded by the vivid green, listening to a babbling brook, or inhaling that fresh breeze, I am instantly put into a relaxing and blissful state. My stress, anxiety, and worries disappear as nature mesmerizes me with her beauty. Being out in nature brings me deep into the reality that we are all connected, opening both my root and heart chakra in the process. I sense the essence of life around me, and my body is filled with pure loving energy.Coral Mushroom

As a nature lover, I have a strong care for the environment and her survival. My passion for nature transformed me into an environmentalist, or eco warrior as I’d like to call it. I take conscious steps in helping to heal and reduce the damage to our environment. I recycle, use reusable items such as water bottles and grocery bags, as well as compost. I reduce my carbon foot print in many ways and I am passionate about spreading the message of saving our planet.

In honor of this week, as last Friday was Earth day and this Friday is Arbor Day (in Illinois), I encourage everyone to make conscious decisions in taking steps toward reducing your carbon footprint. Get a reusable water bottle, shop more at resale shops, turn off your lights when you are not in the room, etc. Maybe the most important first step is spending more time out in nature. Go for a walk or bike ride. Paint in the forest or read a book under a tree. When you start to expose yourself to the healing benefits of nature, you will be more inclined to take action in preserving and sustaining this beautiful planet.

To assist in strengthening your connection to the earth, here are eight stones that contain environmental energies.

Tree Agate – connects to tree and nature spirits, providing nurturing energy in healing the earth.

Amber – Fossilized tree resin, it’s soft energies bring a gentle connection with the earth. Cleanses chakras and provides a warm, joyful energy.

Aragonite – attuned to Mother Earth. Promotes conservation and preservation of nature. Transforms geopathic stress, clears blocked ley lines and deepens your connection to earth.

Black Kyanite – supports environmental healing, pulling out pollutants of the earth and transmuting them.

Magnetite – useful for earth healing. Connects to energies of earth to promote a sense of appreciation for Gaia, Mother Earth, and other earth goddesses.

Peridot – A healing stone, it removes old negative patterns to open the way towards more beneficial ones. Cleanses the aura and environment of negative energies.

Prehnite – puts one in touch with the earth’s energy grid. It calms the environment, bringing peace and protection. Teaches us how to be in harmony with nature.

Preseli Bluestone – provides a strong cosmic anchor of energy to earth’s core, grounding spiritual energy. Connects to Earth’s ley lines and reminds that whoever violates the earth violates themselves.

Smokey Quartz – promotes a strong concern for the environment and ecological issues. Gently dissolves negative energies replacing them with positivity.





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