Zodiac Signs

Taurus – The Bull

From April 20th until May 20th, the sun will be in Taurus. This is the 2nd zodiac sign. Taurus is known with the symbol of the bull.

As the Bull, Taurus natives encompass those bull-like qualities. For one, Taurus can be quite stubborn. Once they have their mind set on something, it is hard to change it. This can work in their benefit though, because Taurus are also very persistent. Like the bull, they will persevere until the task is complete. It may take a while, but their patient and determination will help them to the end.

Taurus’s element is Earth. Earth elementals are very grounded to the physical world. There is not need for a ‘reality check’, because this sign sees the world in tangible results. This makes them great workers, and their bull-quantities of perseverance and patience make them able to get a job done. The Fixed Sign of the Earth elementals, they are perhaps the most grounded, adding to their solid nature. They have responsible and reliable qualities about them.

This sign is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus was known as the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, and Taurus know this well. They have a love of beautiful things. As an earth elemental, they love for beauty ties them to the material world and are very in touch with their senses. Cozy blankets, scented candles, shea butter, this sign of the zodiac indulges all of their senses. They can get a bit carried away with spending money, but it is only because they wish for the finer things in life. Love also rules their personal lives. A true romantic, they are sweet and loyal to the core.

To connect with Taurus energy, here is a crystal grid using Taurus stones:

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.27.12 AM.png

Azurite – brings about new understandings and perspectives. Expands the mind and lets you move into the unknown without fear.

Carnelian – grounds and anchors you to present reality. Stimulates vitality, motivation, and imparts an acceptance for the cycles of life.

Lapis Lazuli – encourages you to take charge of life. A powerful thought amplifier, it brings objectivity and mental clarity.

Peridot – cleanses the aura and releases negative patterns or old vibrations. Brings about necessary change. Opens the mind to new levels of awareness.


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