Crystal Pairing – Stones for Sleep

Ever since raising my vibration, I have had difficulties falling and staying asleep. When I was a child, I could sleep through anything, even a smoke detector alarm! Now, I wake up at the sensitivity of light and sound.  I have taken measures to help in my sleeping, such as darker blinds, binaural beats, and crystals.

When working with crystal energy, I’ve realized that everyone has a different reaction to the stones. So while Selenite may help one person fall asleep, it may keep another one wide awake. I have put together this grid of earth based, grounding energy stones to aid in matters of sleep. It’s helped me get some shut eye, so I hope it can assist in someone else’s peaceful night’s rest.


Howlite – Helps with insomnia, and calming an over active mind.

Sodalite – Helps destress and calm. Assists in relieving insomnia.

Iolite – Helps in journeying and visualization.

Red Jasper – Aids in dream recall and shamanic journeying.

Peridot – Removes blockages, cleanses and balances the aura shield.

Black Tourmaline – Provides protection, removing negativity.

Preseli Bluestone – A stone of ancient dreaming. Used for upper and lower world journeys.



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