Crystal Pairing – Stones for Past Lives

Recently the topic of past lives has come up. I’ve noticed that this sort of thing occurs when becoming awakened and open to energy. There seems to be a subconscious theme that a few people are resonating with, and when it gets brought to my attention, I cannot help but smile, seeing as I am on that same vibrational link.

So for the past week, past lives have been that topic. I recently started work with an Interior Designer who just so happens to be energetically aware (how often does that happen?), and she had mentioned meeting someone in this life who was her mother in a past life during the Ming Dynasty. Then at the crystal store I work at, our social media personal, Tracy, was talking to me about past lives and her and her daughter’s regression. I have also been thinking about my own past lives. I’ve discovered a few of mine here on earth. As far as I know, I was a gypsy traveling somewhere in Romania, a witch in England, and living in ancient East Asia. I’ve been attempting to regress to one of more of these lives, and I’ve created a grid in doing so.

This grid contains earth based energy as well as high vibrations. It helps you maintain your groundedness while exploring these former lives.


Magnetite – Balances our chakras and esthetic bodies in order to engage in soul retrieval. Connects to earth’s ley lines.

Fire Agate – Balances the Sacral Chakra, where our gut feelings/intuitions are stored. Allows for emotional releases and cleansing.

Orthoceras – A fossil that connects to your timeline of past lives. Helps in accessing and retrieving knowledge of these lives.

Aragonite – Deepens one’s connection to the earth. Assists in going back to childhood or former lives to retrieve information.

Brown Selenite – A high vibrational stone that links us to our past lives, spirit guides, and higher selves while maintaining a connection to the earth.



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