Zodiac Signs

Aries – The Ram

Spring is here, and it is the start of many things, including the zodiac. March 21st – April 19th marks the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. As the first sign of the zodiac, they often tend to see themselves as the first. This makes them natural leaders, paving the way with their adventurous attitudes.

Aries symbol is the ram. Like the sheer force of the ram’s nature, Aries are blunt, action-oriented, and a bit impulsive. They tend to be in-the-moment kind of people, who may not always think an idea through before diving in. Their go-go-go mentalities often lead to impulsiveness and impatience. Like the Ram, they can be stubborn and forceful with their thoughts and opinions. Being stubborn and wanting to be the first at everything, they may have a competitive nature.

The element Aries fall under is that of fire. These trail-blazers are full of passion and energy. They are unafraid about taking chances and stepping out of their comfort zones. Their fiery personalities make them enticing and captivating people, and they usually have a pack of followers. But like the flame, they may burn people with their abrupt nature.

Mars is the ruling planet for this sign. In Roman Mythology, Mars was the God of War. This is shown in Aries bold, aggressive mentality.  They are strong, powerful people, who are courageous and brave. They are determined to succeed and win at life, and this fuels their energy to keep persevering. On the downside, their war-like attitudes can make them temperamental, causing angry outbursts when things don’t go their way.

To connect to the energies of Aries, here is a grid dedicated to this zodiac sign:


Bloodstone – A stone of Aries, it brings courage and enhances the decision making process. It calms the emotions, reducing irritability, aggressiveness, and impatience. It is a protective stone and was carried by warriors as a protective talisman during battle.

Sodalite – This stones instills a drive for truth, encouraging you to stay true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs. It is useful for group work, stimulating trust and interdependence. It is beneficial for the mind, encouraging rational thoughts and objectivity.

Red Tiger’s Eye – Tiger’s Eye was traditionally carried by Roman soldiers in order to invoke bravery in battle. Red Tiger’s Eye brings strength, vitality, and courage. It can help keep emotional flares down, and is useful for those with a short temper. Providing motivation, energy, and putting ideas into action, this is a perfect stone for entrepreneurs and leaders.

Magnetite – Having a powerful positive/negative polarity, this stone instills balance, aligning the chakras and bringing the body back to harmony. It keeps you grounded in reality , balances intellect with emotion, removes negative emotions such as anger, and replaces them with positive qualities such as drive and will.



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