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Connecting to Spring Energies

Living in the Midwest, it is hard to gage the seasons. For the past two/three weeks in Geneva and the Chicago area, it has been a mixture of weather. Some weekends, it gets up to 60 degrees, only to drop back down to 30 and flurries. This week however, Signs of Spring have looked very promising. Blackbirds and robins have returned, filling the air with their beautiful voices. The snow has melted and the ground has thawed, awakening the Chorus frogs that reside in the swamp behind my house. Last night, I heard them singing, and I knew that spring was finally here.

As every season connects to an element, Spring is no different. The element of Spring differs with the West and the East. In the East, Wood is the element associated with Spring. Wood symbolizes growth and renewal. It’s energy is upward, bringing new thoughts, ideas, and behaviors to manifest. In the West, the element tied to spring is Air. I connect both the Air and Earth elements to Spring and Autumn, Autumn being primarily Earth, and Spring being primarily Air. Air symbolizes change. It is quick moving, full of excitement, and like the element of Wood, it is full of ideas, thoughts and changing growth. The Earth on the other hand, is a symbol of abundance, nurturing, and fertility. It births the new changes happening, and grounds them in our environment.

At the start of the spring, there is still the trace element of Water, due to winter slowly fading away, but after the snow has melted, the blending of both Air and Earth happens, and we see the spring energies of growth and new beginnings all around us in nature. Leaves start to reappear and flora bloom. Birds migrate back home and animals awaken from hibernation, ready to begin mating. Bumble bees and butterflies pollinate, frogs chirp and croak, and everywhere, new life emerges. We ourselves are full of new life and energy. After the death of winter, we begin to venture outside more. We bring this burst of energy into spring cleanings and planting gardens. Spring is all about starting over. Rebirth.

Spring is an important time to focus on change. Is there something you want to work on/improve? Want to do something you haven’t been able to yet? Now is the opportunity! Harness the powers of Spring into your life, and let these energies guide you towards new endeavors.

Here is a grid dedicated to these Spring energies. Carry these stones with you to help manifest growth and new beginnings!


Amethyst – Brings growth of wisdom and peace. One of the highest vibrational stones, it connects us to the divine and the spirit realms, including the fae.

Moss Agate – Brings growth and abundance. Connects to nature and the plant kingdom. Cleanses and regenerates our energies.

Aquamarine – A stone of courage, it soothes the heart chakra and allows calming energies to flow. Helps those going through changes.

Golden Labradorite – Opens both higher and lower chakras, allowing spiritual energy to flow throughout the body. Enhances psychic abilities and overall vitality.


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