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Stones of Celtic Energy

Today, millions of people celebrate the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. It marks the Irish celebration of their patron Saint, St. Patrick. It is a religious holiday, Christian based, and has been celebrated for over 1000 years. Traditionally, the legend of St. Patrick revolves around the myth of him driving out all the snakes from the island. This is a symbolic reference to his converting and trying to rid pagan practices, as the snake is a pagan symbol.

Pre-dating the Christianity on Ireland, were the Celts. The Celts were a pagan group who lived during the Iron Age in Europe. Many of them flocked to what is now known as Ireland. Much of Ireland’s culture is ingrained with Celtic roots, from language to art. Today, the country is a blend of Celtic and Christian beliefs.

To celebrate and honor the Celtic roots of Ireland, here are some stones of Celtic Energy:


Smoky Quartz – Known as a stone of power, it was sacred to the Druids and Celts. It is the national stone of Scotland, due to it’s long history of being mined on the island. It’s color symbolized the dark powers of the earth gods and goddesses and still has a strong link to earth based energies.

Preseli Bluestone – Also known as Stonehenge, this stone comes only from Preseli, Wales. It is associated with the Stonehenge monument due to the large Bluestones that are placed there. They are excellent cosmic anchors of energy, and can assist you in getting in touch with your Celtic roots.

Mystic Merlinite – This particular variety occurs in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Associated by name, after the great wizard, Merlin, who was King Arthur’s legendary mentor, this stone is considered the Stone of Self-Mastery.

Emerald – Emerald also honors the three Celtic Goddesses of Sovereignty – Banbha, Eriu and Fodla. They provide protection, leadership and inspiration to anyone defending their faith, their homeland, or their way of life. A well known stone of Ireland, it connects to the rich, green, landscape that is Ireland.

Aquamarine – Latin for ‘water of the sea’. It is found in Northern Ireland and connects to the calming water energies that surround the island. It protects those traveling by water, and helps sooth the emotions.




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