A Year of Grid Making

Each week on my blog and Instagram, I post images of crystals arranged in different designs. They range in color, size, and energy. These are my crystal grid creations. As one of the grid makers at Crystal Life Technology, my grids have been displayed on their website and social media platforms. Many people have commented on my creations, admiring the energy in each one. Even though I have been recognized for my work and continue to flourish at it, I have only been grid making for about a year.

Crystal Grids are layouts of stones that house specific energies. Each stone has a different energy attached to it. Think of the stones as a list of ingredients to a meal. Rose Quartz for unconditional love, Amethyst for wisdom and peace, etc. Through the arrangement of different crystals and their properties, a grid acts as a end product, mixing together all these energies into one unique manifestation.

When I first learned about griding, the whole idea seemed strange and obscure, yet intriguing. I wanted to learn how to create grids, so I went to my co-worker who was noted for his skills at the art. He explained the idea behind grids, and his approach to creating them, but I still couldn’t quite wrap my head around it all.

This was roughly a year ago. At that time, I was in a toxic relationship. Being empathic, this drained me of my energy and left me emotionally and mentally scarred. One day, the level of toxicity had reached a new high, leaving me deeply hurt. I was wounded in my mind and heart. When I was at the shop later that day, I felt compelled to make a grid due to the feelings that I was having. So I created my first grid. It was a grid of love and peace, healing my heart and mind from the torture I had ensued. That grid was the gateway into opening my passion and talent for crystal grids. I have now made over fifty grids, each one energetically and physically unique from another.


The process I took, and still take to this day to create my grids is one of intuition. I go around the store and pick stones that catch my eye. I listen to them and feel their energies. By following my feelings, grid making in a way is like a diary. Each week, new and different stones attract me. Most of the time, they resonate with some matter that I am dealing with in my life. Through using my intuition and letting the stones speak to me, I am able to create these wonderful grids. It isn’t until after my grids are assembled, that I focus on the properties of the stones, cluing the descriptions together to show what message my grid sends. That is why I feel I am so successful at grid making, I use my heart when creating each one, allowing the purest energy of my being to work with the stones.

Grid making is an energy tool I not only use for myself, but to help others as well. As a light worker, I wish to assist others in their own paths to healing and enlightenment. Grid making has benefited me. If you have any questions about gridding, or would like assistance, or your own custom grid, please feel free to contact me!

Happy Gridding.


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