Crystal Pairing – EcoSpiritual Stones

As one who lives an EcoSpiritual life, I found peace and understanding in this way of living. Working with energy, I realized the two main sources of energy were from source (sky, heaven, crown chakra) and core (earth, root chakra). These two forces are opposites, yet work in harmony with one another to provide a deep respect, peace, joy, and awareness for one’s self and life in general. Many energy workers (Shamans, Druids, etc) are also aware of these connections and honor both nature and spirit.

If you are interested in bringing this EcoSpiritual energy into your life, I have paired the following stones. Carry them with you on your walks in nature, meditate with them, and open yourself up to these wonderful vibrations!


Aragonite – A grounding stone, Aragonite helps in healing and connect you to the earth’s energies. It brings you back to explore your past. This stone restores balance and helps in centering spiritual development that is out of control.

Smoky Quartz – Smoky Quartz is an effective grounding stone while raising your vibrations. It provides a strong link to the environment and promotes ecological concern and care.

Leopard Skin Jasper- Brings about environmental harmony, connecting you to the animal kingdom. As a shaman stone, in helps in spiritual journeys and provides strong protective energy. It assists in fulfilling soul contracts.

Celestite – Helps in jump-starting spiritual development, leading you toward enlightenment. Brings balance and opens you towards new experiences.


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