Zodiac Signs

Pisces – The Fish

The 12th and last sign of the zodiac is that of Pisces. Born from February 18th to March 20th, they are ruled by the Fish.

As a fish, Pisces tend to “go with the flow”, shying away from conflict and confrontation. They are easy going, working well in groups, but also like a fish, they swim to their own current. The symbol of Pisces is a dual fish, representing the yin and yang aspect of Pisces. They are very versatile, which is reflected by the duality of their symbol. Often in between states, such as physical/spiritual, dream/reality, their symbol links both realms together.

The element of Water is associated with Pisces. As such, these people are generally sensitive, emotional, and highly intuitive. They feel a great deal of emotions, but may not show it due to their shy nature. They are compassionate, romantic, and interested in matters of the heart. Connecting to the water element is the dream world, and Pisces are known to have vivid and imaginative dreams. Seen as the dreamers of the Zodiac, their perceptions of the world are often skewed due to them being in and out of imaginative state, blurring reality with fantasy. Their interests are emotional based, such as the arts and spirituality.

Neptune rule Pisces people. In Roman Mythology, Neptune was the ruler of the sea.  In Astrology, Neptune represents imagination, dreams, and psychic abilities. It connects to spiritual enlightenment. Bringing more of the sea energy to this sign aids in Pisces highly intuitive and psychic abilities. Many are empaths or posses some sort of mystic gift.

To help bring in Pisces energy, here are some stones associated with the sign:


Aquamarine – A stone associated with the water element, Aquamarine brings calming energies and is good for balancing the emotions and sensitivity of the heart. It opens up communication and helps in accepting the changes of life.

Apophyllite – Apophyllite has a high water content, making it a very vibrational stone. It provides a deep spiritual connection. It aids in meditation, dreams, and inter-dimensional communication.

Black Kyanite – It acts as a bridge between the two worlds, as Pisces often reflect this duality, and  helps ground high vibrational energies to the physical world.



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