Moon Forecasts

The Snow Moon – Full Moon of February

The 22nd marks the full moon of February. Know as the Snow Moon because of the heavy snowfall February brings, it typically marks the end of winter, as the next full moon will be around the Spring Equinox. Winter symbolizes the final stages of life and connects to the water element. It reflects a time of cleansing before the rebirth of Spring.  Full moons are a time to focus on completion and release in order for healing.

This full moon falls under the sign of Virgo. Virgos are practical, hardworking, and strive for perfection. Ruled by the planet Mercury, they like to critique, analyze, and problem-solve. They are the “service workers” of the Zodiac, and are focused on health, healing, and helping others. This moon is a good opportunity to analyze yourself in order for healing. Reflect on issues you maybe having internally. Are you too hard on yourself? Are you holding onto any  resentment, judgement, self-hate, or other form of negativity? Now is a time to work on self-improvement. How can you better yourself?

As the full moon deals with the balance of the Sun and Moon energies, the Sun being in Pisces this month, it is important to take note of this in our healing. Pisces are imaginative, dreamy, and like their symbol the fish, they “go with the flow”. They are ruled by Neptune and the element of water, both representing emotions, intuition, and subconscious. Both Virgo and Pisces energies show that this is a time of emotional healing especially. With the duality of Pisces and Virgo, we must be careful of Virgo’s critique and strive for perfection. With Pisces easy-going mentality, it is a reminder to not be too-hard on ourselves, and not to allow our self-reflections turn into self-criticism. We need to focus on self-acceptance. Through our reflections, we learn what we need to improve upon, and this can begin the process of self-healing through love. Love brings us emotional healing. Healing our heart centers, we achieve balance within ourselves.

Here is a grid dedicated to the energies of the Snow Moon. Carry these stones with you to help with the emotional healing of this moon’s energy.


Peach Agate – Provides loving, warm energies. It helps in self-acceptance and bridges the gap between the mind and the heart.

Rose Quartz- Dissolving worry and sorrow, Rose Quartz is a deep emotional healer. It brings inner peace and love of all sorts in.

Sea Shells – Connects to the element of Water. Supports calming energies of the heart and aids in emotional healing.


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