What Spirituality Means to Me

Living the EcoSpiritual life, one half is dedicated to the Eco, honoring our bodies by our connection to the natural environment, our physical world. The other half is dedicated to the Spiritual, honoring our souls by our connection to something greater than ourselves.

Everyone’s version of spirituality is different. While I found wholeness and self in an eclectic form of witchcraft, yoga, nature, crystals, and all sorts of different energy tools and forms, I know this path is not for everyone. Others may be more drawn to a traditional religious approach such as following the lifestyles of Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammad, and still feel that same peace within themselves as I do. What spirituality means to me is the connection to pure light, the enlightened soul.

Often times, I feel that religion and spirituality are interchangeable words though hold different meaning. Not everyone finds spirituality through religion, and not all religion is spiritual. More importantly, spirituality is the awakening of the self, where we are completely happy and at peace with ourselves. When we do, our hearts are open to love, we do not judge or hate, our minds are open to wisdom and knowledge. We then realize our true potentials, our purposes, and shift our consciousness to something much larger than ourselves.

My journey on the path to enlightenment started around October 10th of 2014. That May, I had graduated from college. While away at school, I developed an eating disorder, a mental and physical illness that became the worst two years of my life. Despite living in my own personal Hell, I overcame my demons and as the Buddha quote goes, “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life”. Coming out of the darkness, this was my gateway to enlightenment.

Growing up, I was raised Lutheran. Even though I went through the whole Baptism, Confirmation, and Communion, I was never very fond of Church. Instead of feeding my soul, the sermons left me feeling empty and full of questions rather than comfort. This form of organized religion was not for me. As a child, I had a strong fascination for mystic and magick, pretending I was a witch, fairy, or nymph running through the trees of my backyard. Spells and legends, psychics and witches, they all excited me, so I fed my curiosity, and I started learning about them.  I began to do yoga, take walks in nature, and take up tarot and astrology. I applied to a job at Crystal Life Technology, a crystal and energy tool store located in Geneva, Illinois, and got a job. Another marker stone. There, I became aware of healing crystals, spirit guides, and all sorts of energy matters. My consciousness expanded, and like a sponge, soaked up this knowledge.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

As my spirituality grew, so did my interests. I incorporated forms of paganism, witchcraft, as well as native american culture into my practice. It’s a bit of a mesh, but it works with my energy and my soul. This is my form of spirituality. Working at the shop, I have come across all form, from Christian to Yogi. They may have a specific group they associate with, but many don’t. However, those who have found spirituality all do share this same sense of bliss and love. And this shared sense of being one and whole at the same time is that form of enlightenment that makes up my spirituality.


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