2016 – The Year of the Fire Monkey

Though we are two months into the Western New Year, the New Year for China and many Eastern cultures falls in February. The Chinese New Year follows the lunar cycle and happens to fall on February 8th this year.

The Chinese Zodiac is similar to the Western approach of having 12 zodiac signs. The difference is that while the Western chart rotates every month, the Eastern chart follows an annual pattern, completing its cycle every 12 years. Another difference is the influence of the elements. In Western astrology, there are four elements; Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. The five elements seen in the East are Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood, and Water. These elements make an annual rotation as well. As each Zodiac stands for a different energy, so does each element. Combining the two, you get a specific makeup of the energies of that year. The energy for this year is the Fire Monkey. Capture

The Monkey is the 9th zodiac sign. Monkeys are lively, quick-witted, curious, innovation and a bit mischievous. The element of this year is Fire. Fire dictates passion, excitement, creativity and joy. The Monkey’s energies are in connection to the SouthWest direction. In Feng Shui, the SouthWest energy is associated with security and development. It strengthens connections and deepens relationships.

So what does this all mean for the upcoming year? The Monkey is typically associated with the element of Metal. Metal represents our finances. With fire being the element of the year, one can predict much action (good or bad) in forms of finances. Now is the time to be active and embrace change. Wanting to start a new job, particularly one that incorporates your passions? This is the year to do it! No need to fear, the secure energies of the SouthWest are in your favor, so follow your heart as you make these changes. The Monkey also represents joy and fun, so enjoy these uplifting energies for the happy New Year.


Year of the Fire Monkey Crystal Grid


Carnelian – Connects to the element of fire. It brings warmth, vitality, courage, and is useful for dynamic pursuits.

Citrine – Monkeys connect to the element of metal, which represents financial matters. Citrine is known as a money stone, bringing abundance, prosperity and positivity.

Moonstone – A stone of new beginnings and moon energy, it brings fresh starts to this Lunar New Year

Layout – Citrine connects to Yang chi, while Moonstone is Yin. It symbolizes the duality and balance of the chi. Eight stones surround the “fire” of the monkey energy as eight is the lucky number of the monkey.


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