Crystal Pairing – Stones of Love

Next Sunday is Valentine’s Day. As the cheesy saying goes, “love is in the air”. As corny as this saying is, love in fact is in the air, as a large group of people are emitting these energies at this time, strengthening the collective energetic web. This is a time of heightened loving vibration, and if you are single and looking for love, or are already in a relationship and wish to bring more of this energy in, now is the perfect time to do so!


I have put together some stones that work with the Heart chakra and these energies. Display them in a grid as I did, or carry them with you this Valentine’s Day.

Rose Quartz – A love talisman, Rose Quartz provides compassion, peace of the heart, and unconditional love.

Emerald – A stone of successful love, Emerald enhances loyalty and provides domestic bliss in partnerships.

Garnet – Garnet is a stone of passion, bringing vitality and enhancing one’s sex drive. It opens the heart, inspires love and devotion. It is a stone of commitment.

Herkimer Diamond – This stone connects allows you to connect to that someone special, even when apart, bonding your energies as one.

Moonstone – A stone of new beginnings, Moonstone opens one up to the acceptance of love. It was gifted to a couple on their wedding day in India, and is ideal for lovers.

May you give and receive loving energies this Valentine’s Day. Namaste.


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