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Crystal Pairing – Stones of Gray Magick

Currently, we are living in a world of duality. Yin vs Yang, Night vs Day, Light vs Dark, and Good vs Evil. Working with energy and magick, often times there is a side that is chosen. People with work with “light magick” or “dark magick”. But there is a third type of energy/magick:  gray magick.  This type of energy combines both light and dark, and when the two polarities merge, we achieve balance and wholeness. We see that energy is both positive and negative, and work with these opposite forces together in harmony.

As an energy worker dealing with “gray magick”, I have fallen in love with some specific stones that carry both these energies. The “light versions” of these stones are very energetic, helping us connect to our spiritual guides, past lives, psychic abilities, etc. Their “dark” counterparts carry these same traits, but help ground the high vibrational energies and offer an immense amount of healing and protection.


Black Amethyst

This stone rejuvenates the whole body, bringing spiritual awareness to one’s life. It helps break through dense energetic blockages and is beneficial for astral travel and communicating with the spirit realm.

Black Kyanite

A very powerful healing stone, Black Kyanite protects from any and every form of negativity, removing the excess energies down into the Earth and replacing them with positive vibrations. It helps align, repair, and energize the aura, bringing balance back into the body. It is an excellent stone for communicating with your spirit guides.

Smoky Quartz

Drawing light energy from our Crown Chakra, Smoky Quartz grounds us too the Earth, dissolving negativity and protecting us from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and other harmful energies within our environments. A stone of power, it connects us with energies of the lower realms.


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