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How to Clean your Space

This weekend was a tropical paradise in Geneva. Not really, but considering the weather has been in the teens for a while and it finally reached over 30 degrees, that was enough to make it feel like a warm oasis. Due to it being so cold these past few weekends, I spent a lot of time indoors. While I would rather be outdoors, I don’t handle well in seven degrees plus windchill. I make the most of my time indoors though, and while I was stuck indoors, I cleaned. I had been feeling very lethargic that weekend, feeling low on energy despite my busy bee mentality, and realized that the energy in my room was contributing to my feelings of slothfulness. The art of Feng Shui focuses on harmonizing the energies of a person with their environment. When the energies of our space are disturbed, we feel it too, and this can cause physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalance.

In order to change the energy in your space, removing negative vibrations that can cause sluggishness and moodiness, and bringing in positive energies, I suggest the following:

Physically Clean – Have you ever noticed how a messy space can make you feel lethargic and moody? Clutter causes the energy to stagnate, lowering the vibrations in the space which affects our physical and emotional bodies. Vacuum the floors, dust the shelves, and scrub the counters (all with EcoFriendly products of course) to prep your space for clean, healthy energy to come into the space. ecebcf4a363eeb1f_shutterstock_117715075.jpg.xxxlarge_2x

Energetically Cleanse – After your room is physically tidy, the negative stagnant energetic print is still there. To remove these, cleanse your space by smudging using sage or palo santo. Other items that help disperse old energy are through sound vibrations, such as using bells, singing bowls, or chimes.

Bring in Positive Energy – Now that the space is cleaned of the negative energies, bring in positive vibrations. Salt lamps, plants, wall art, natural light, and natural decor pieces are all ways to heighten good vibrations.

Maintain Upkeep – Even after you have cleansed your space, certain events can bring back negative energies. An argument, a bad day, they can all imprint in your space. It is important to cleanse your space regularly. For everyone this is different, but a guideline would be whenever you start to feel the negative energies or notice dirt or physical mess in your space.

After a clean room, I felt much better and have noticed my mood and productivity have increased. The energy is flowing once again, and I was ready to take on the full week ahead of me. Once again, I am centered, body, mind and soul.


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