Moon Forecasts

The Wolf’s Moon – Full Moon of January

January’s full moon falls on the 23rd this year. Known as the Wolf’s moon, Native tribes would often hear the packs of wolves howling during the January nights. The wolf as a spirit animal symbolizes a strong tie to instincts and intellect, so this full moon is perfect for connecting to one’s intuition and knowledge, balancing the body and mind. They are also social creatures, but are often seen alone. Recognizing individuality while still maintaining one’s part in society and social groups is another aspect this moon shows us.

Full moons are a time of release and completion. In accordance to astrology, the full moon falls under the sign of Leo, the Lion. Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun, which demonstrates another aspect of balance for this full moon, as the sun and moon are opposites. The sign of Leo is one of self-expression, warmth, and confidence. This moon is a perfect opportunity to harness your creative energies, and releasing bottled up emotions, expressing them freely, as well as getting noticed in group gatherings.

As the sun falls into Aquarius, these energies affect the moon as well, and we need to strike a balance between both forces. Aquarians are individualists, in search of the truth. They are intellectuals, unlike Leos who are more instinctive and focus on emotions. Like Leos, they are social creatures, easy to make friends. Balance the mind and the heart during this moon as you express your own truths, both mentally and emotionally, in the utmost manner. You may also find yourself being more social at this time, with both energies, so take this opportunity to form new relationships or strengthen old ones.

Here is a grid dedicated to the Leo and Aquarian energies of this Full Moon. Carry these with you to help bring the social and expressive energies of the Full Moon into your life!


Sunstone – Harnessing the energies of the sun, this stone brings joy and prosperity to one’s life. A good luck stone, Sunstone brings inner strength and confidence, helping you in being independent and assertive.

Garnet – A stone of Leo, Garnet reenergizes your Chakras, bringing passion and vitality into your life. It encourages self confidence and courage.

Citrine – Carrying the warmth of the sun, Citrine promotes creativity and joy. It raises self-esteem and self-expression. It helps you maintain a positive outlook on life.

Moonstone – A stone tied to the moon and Aquarius, Moonstone calms your emotions, improving emotional intelligence, and helping you balance both male and female energies.



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