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Crystal Pairing – Stones of Ancient Magick

I have always had a deep fascination with magick and enchantment. As a child, I would play in the marsh behind my yard, or in the bramble next to my house, pretending I was a nymph or witch. Mythical creatures such as mermaids and dragons captivated me, and I often imagined worlds of my own where these beasts still existed.

Rekindling my love of magick through the metaphysical and the occult, I swapped my children’s fantasy books for real tales of mystic and magick. Currently, I am reading The History of English Magic, which dives into the rich background of the many practices of magic throughout England’s history. These practices include Dowsing, Sorcery, Alchemy, Witchcraft and many other fascinating true life events. Reading these pages has introduced me to new areas of magick I wish to become familiar in.

In the meantime, I have put together some of my favorite magical stones. These stones are high vibrational, linking to either the Third Eye or Crown Chakra and can help one with their own magical abilities.

Stones of Witchcraft

Moonstone – Moonstone has been used as an ancient talisman, connecting strongly to lunar energies of mystery. This stone heightens our intuitions and psychic abilities. They are good tools for divination, such as scrying, tarot, and Rune stones.

Emerald – A stone of great vision and intuition, Emerald opens up your Third Eye and can stimulate clairvoyance. A good stone for sleeping, Emerald can bring about insightful dreams.

Labradorite – In every sense, Labradorite is a stone of magick, a crystal of Shamans, Healers, and Diviners. It enhances and unlocks psychic abilities, and can help in inducing visions of past or future. This stone promotes traveling between worlds. A good stone for Physics and Seers.

Amethyst – A stone with a strong connection to the Divine, Amethyst helps unlock a wonder of magick abilities, from healing to communicating with the fae (fairy realm). It enhances intuition and psychic abilities, protects against psychic attack, and aids in lucid dreaming.

Smoky Quartz – Smoky Quartz was known as a Stone of Power. According to the Druids, it was sacred and harnessed the dark power of Earth gods and goddesses. In other cultures it guided souls to the afterlife. It is a stone that connects the physical and spiritual worlds. It is useful for earthly magic, such as shamanism or pagan practices that honor Mother Earth.

Black Onyx – A grounding stone, Black Onyx protects against psychic attack and black magick. It heightens one’s intuition, self-discipline, concentration, and inner-strength as one dives into the realms of magick.



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