Crystal Pairing – Stones for Spiritual Pursuit

It is the last day of 2015. As this year comes to an end, it symbolizes newness and fresh starts. At this time, our energies shift, ending one cycle and starting the next. Lately, I have been noticing this change within myself, as the energies of my year have settled.

Reflecting on 2015, it has been an eventful year for me. It was in January that I started my new job at Crystal Life, a spiritual store in my hometown, that has lead to my vast interest in spirituality and energy, as well as my rapid consciousness growth. It was this February, that I started blogging, first forming  Tortuga de Lune, my personal blog that covered my personal viewpoints and experiences on healing the body, mind, and soul.  In  June, I re-met my soulmate, Tom. I am sure we met in another life, because when we met at my work, we instantly connected and developed a relationship that is true in mind, body, and soul. 

It was also in July that I started my other job at a design firm in Chicago. While I had internships in the past, this job was the springboard to start my career in design. It was something that I had wanted since I took my first design class in high school, and instantly developed a passion and talent for creating spaces where all the elements worked in harmony with one another. It was my creative outlet. As the months progressed at this new job though, I soon realized that the passion that once used to fuel my soul was fading away. As my spiritual development grew, my passion and talents became entangled in energy, wishing to focus more in careers in that nature, still incorporating my first love for design.

So, at this awakening in my soul’s purpose, I composed some stones that I used to help others start their new years in a new direction in spirituality.


Carnelian – This stone helps ground you to the present, living in the moment, promoting positive life choices. It helps you trust yourself, banishing the negativity that stands in your way.

Moonstone – Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. It signifies the moon, and represents the cycles of change in one’s life. It helps you open and connect to your intuition.

Celestite – This high vibrational stone attracts good fortune, revealing the truth and maintaining harmony and peace in times of stress.

Ruby Zolite – A crown chakra stone, Ruby Zolite alters your consciousness, helping you with soul healing and past life work. It facilitates spiritual learning.

Mystic Merlin – This stone holds the imprints of past workers who dealt with magic, the Shamans, the Magicians, and Sorcerers. It shows us how to live life in the future.

I hope the New Year brings blessings and growth to everyone!


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