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The Cold Moon – Full Moon of December

December’s full moon is known as the Cold Moon or Long Night Moon. This is because this full moon is the longest one of the lunar cycle due to the Winter Solstice. The full moon for December this year falls on the 25th, which many know as Christmas. This is an extremely special moon for numerous reasons. For one, this is the first time since 1977 that the full moon has peaked on Christmas. Full moons generally heighten psychic abilities and magick, so it being on Christmas this year, a magical holiday in itself, these energies are amplified. It is a perfect time to practice divination, or to work on sharpening your Third Eye Chakra because of this.

Another reason that this moon is special is due to its connection of it being under the sign of Cancer for this month. Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon herself, so having this extra lunar energy, we may experience additional moon effects. The moon represents our emotions and intuition, so again, psychic abilities maybe more prominent, and we may also be a little more sensitive at this time. I know the moon has been influencing my emotions this week, because I have been all over the spectrum, from sobbing uncontrollably to finding myself temperamental, having a short fuse.

Cancer is the sign associated with the home and family. Depending on how you interpret the moon, this can have different meanings. The full moon is a time for things coming full circle, completion, and spiritual healing through release. Due to the Cancer energy of this moon, your home life and family may be more rocky, and this could be the cause of a lot of raised emotions, waiting to be released during this full moon. For others, one may find peace and healing through the comfort of family with the moon in Cancer. Either way, reflect on family during this moon. Are there any issues that need to be addressed regarding your family, or could they possibly help you in a personal issue you are facing? Only you know the answer.

Being  already connected heavily to lunar energies, the moon has been heightening my stressing emotions with my family. I am looking to this moon as a time of release from this energy, ending the cycle so I can start anew. Having increased sensitivity at this time, I have picked stones to help with these intense energies. Here is my selection:

Lepidolite – Containing Lithium, this stone is helpful to balance mood swings and decrease depression and stress.

Malachite – A helpful stone for absorbing negative energies from your environment and your body. It helps you be confrontational with your emotions in a loving manner.

Bronzite – This stone helps settle nerves, allowing one to “go with the flow”. It helps you when you feel powerless due to certain events in your life, and allows you to keep a cool composure in any event.

This being a Christmas moon as well as it being in Cancer, all energies point to a magical night! It is a wonderful opportunity to be around your loved ones, allowing yourself to immerse in the love and warmth of your family. If you partake in any full moon rituals, such as cleansing your stones, or doing full moon meditations, don’t forget to do those as well, but take special time to rejoice in the unique energy of this full moon. Happy Full Moon everyone!

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