Crystal Pairing- Stones for a New Year

Last week at work, I was asked by my boss to make a crystal grid. Working at Crystal Life Technology, a wonderful store that has helped many people, including myself, raise their vibrations and help them energetically and spiritually through energy tools such as crystals, sacred geometry, and divination devices. The owner of the store wanted to showcase the sacred geometry we had in our shop, which is often used in grid making. I have began to posses a special talent for grid making. I love to walk around the store, finding stones that pop out at me, and then seeing the meaning and message these certain stones tell me.

Sometimes, and more often than not, the stones I pick are designated to something happening in my life that I need help with. Currently, I am in a rut about my future career path. Being fresh out of school and recently in the design career field as well as spirituality and energy work, I am torn with all that I want to achieve. What is my purpose? How can I help others with energy work while being able to be creative and express my love of design?

So with this issue going on currently in my life, I walked around the shop, choosing the stones that stuck out at me. The result, after I focused a little bit on what each stone’s properties were, was a grid designed for the New Year. Out with the old and in with the new. More particularity, this grid was made to help one find their life’s purpose and soul’s path.

Here are the stones I used.


Peridot – Cleanses the aura and the physical body, releasing old baggage so the body can attune to new frequencies.

Orange Kyanite – Clears blockages with our meridians, and doesn’t hold negativity.

Black Obsidian – Connects the soul to the physical plane and helps guide one on their soul’s path.

Chiastolite – Brings one to understand and follow their soul’s purpose, removing the fear that may stand in our way.


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