Crystal Pairing – Grounding Balance

This week I have felt extremely off balance. My mind has been bouncing around all corners of my brain, I’ve had difficulty staying focused, my emotions have been a roller coaster (and it isn’t even a full moon yet). It has been a crazy week energetically for me. There has been a lot of life lessons and stirrings currently, all at once no doubt, and I have seemed to become unrooted, for I am caught up in this energy whirlwind.

It tickles me how the universe world. Recently, as of last Friday, I have been connecting strongly to Tiger’s Eye. An Earthy stone, I was unaware of why it kept popping up into my life. Now looking back on this week, I realize that I needed help in balancing my lower chakras and to be grounded. I has helped me in my many challenges of the week, it’s warm energy keeping me positive in all the chaos.

Pulling together some other stones to help with balance and grounding, here is a nice pairing I put together:


Green Onyx – Helping to alleviate fears and worries, Onyx brings self confidence, allowing you to be at ease in your surroundings. It aids in learning lessons, and absorbs the universes energies to be used for healing and growth.

Tiger’s Eye – This stone combines earth energies with the energies of the sun, making a high vibrational, yet grounding stone. It helps stabilize the hemispheres of the brain to collect and process scattered information.

Dnalmationstone -A good stone for physical balance, Dalmatian stone additionally balances yin-yang energy, promotes positivity while removing negativity (due to the Black Tourmaline spots).


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