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Honey Lune Hivery – An EcoSpiritual Shop

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely Friday. I certainly am. It’s not even one, and already I have been a busy bee with making myself a delicious vegan breakfast and lunch, going for a run outdoors, taking some photos of nature, and crafting away. Currently I am working on some cute felted ornaments for the holidays.

So if any of you have noticed the Shop at the Hive tab on my site, you get direction to my Etsy Shop. It may be a little vague to make the connections between a bumblebee and this EcoSpiritual Lifestyle, so I want to discuss these connections.

My journey in life has been one of personal growth and healing.  As I have shared in the past, I had dealt with anxiety and depression for most of my life, this led to an eating disorder which drove me to my own personal Hell for two long years. What got me out of the pits of self-hate and negativity was my life changing discovery of spirituality. It has influenced so many parts of who I am. I have found peace and healing with this conscious community based on energy and acting through love. Through my own energy work of yoga, crystals, tarot reading, astrology, shamanism, and paganism, I have a deep sense of wholeness within myself and life in general. It has transformed me. I am now this positive being who loves life and appreciates all the wonders of it.

As a part of this life transformation, I rediscovered passions of mine which I could use as healthy coping mechanisms.  One of these was my art. Art had always been a love of mine, and each and every time I designed or created, I felt comfort and peace.  Even though I have overcome my hurdle, I have not given up my art. It is no longer just a coping tool, because I have realized how much of a joy it brings me, to breath life into something. Each time is an unique and different result. I cannot settle on just avenue of creation though. Interior design, cooking, crafting, photography, water colors, needle felting, poetry, and just any and every means of creating something that I put my positive energy into I love. It is a part of me.

Another aspect of my rebirth, was connecting with nature and Mother Earth. Tying into my spirituality, I rekindled my deep love for this planet and all creatures on it. Every time I step into nature, awe and serenity wash over me, cleansing my soul. I wanted to help preserve her beauty instead of aiding in the unconscious destruction our society is doing by deforestation, pollution, and waste. I switched my lifestyle, became vegan and make conscious environmental choices. I love nature too much to idly go by living the lifestyle I was. Nature is too important to me.

So weaving all three of I have created my shop to display my works and so that others may benefit in the happiness of my creations. Seeing as I do not just have one means of art that I do, my range of work varies from photography to needle felting. No two pieces are the same. This is based on my work with energy. Being hit with inspiration, I put my passion and positive energy into that work. Dealing with energy, I create these one-of-a-kind pieces. Sure, I can make five of the same item, and while they may all look the same, the energy put into each one is not.

Each work has its own uniqueness and meaning behind it. Due to the spirituality of my work, I explain the meaning and symbolism behind each creation, hoping that what resonated with me resonates with someone else. Being environmentally conscious and wanting to respect and honor Mother Earth, the pieces I create are eco-friendly, using natural resources, many of which I discover on my walks in the woods. These three aspects are a crucial part of my life, Creating this EcoSpiritual Life.

Well now you know this connection of my art and this EcoSpiritual Life. Feel free to check out my shop, or inquire about my services. It brings me great joy and love when I get to help people discover the wonders of this lifestyle. Have a blessed rest of your day everyone!



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