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A Day, A Season, A Life – Giving Thanks

Today is that well known holiday that falls on a different date every year, but despite that confusion,
the supermarkets always seem to run dry of pumpkin pie filling (the only time this tends to happen as well). It’s Thanksgiving! Everyone has their own holiday traditions for this holiday: going to grandma’s house, watching football or the parade, feasting on a delicious spread of festive foods, or even gathering with friends. With our many ways of celebrating the holiday, the commonality that weaves the holiday together is appreciation and thanks.

Thanksgiving is a time for many to stop their routine lives and think about everything they are grateful for, and to count all the blessings in their lives. Realizing everything wonderful in our lives, we are filled with a certain happiness and warmth about life, and for the most part, it only seems to be around the holidays when we feel this magnitude of positive energy. So why is it that we feel this way only two or three days or weeks out of the year?

The central focus of the holiday season is filled with good energies of love, joy, appreciation, and compassion. This happens throughout the world, as many people are participating in the season. This collective positive energy everyone gives off at the holidays, emanates across the consciousness grid, which strengthens our own feelings of joy and love. We can feel these vibrations on a subconscious level, their force is that strong! Many people, who usually may be closed off to emitting these energies, have opened up their heart charkas to give and receive this positive energy.

There is a lesson to be learned at this time of year as well, the lesson being how we obtain this sense of joy and happiness long after the season has past, once we get back to our orderly lives? The answer comes in the form of Thanks. When we stop and reflect upon everything we are thankful for in our lives, worries and stress has no purpose. Envy and greed melt away, and we are filled with happiness and love for the joys in our lives; a warm home, a loving family, wonderful friends, life opportunities, and everything else that we find appreciative in life. These feelings can last past the holidays, all we need to do is take a few minutes out of our days to think about these aspects. Making a list, observing, or any way that works for you to feel these wonders in your life can increase the positivity in our life far past those moments on Thanksgiving. It can transform your life into a continual cycle of love and joy.

Being Thankful on Thanksgiving is a reminder, if anything, for us to show love and appreciation for everything in life, everyday and all year. I hope everyone has a blessed holiday and continues to show thanks and to count your blessings long past Thanksgiving day, creating for yourself a positive, grateful year and life filled with peace and joy!


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