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Welcome to the Hive

Hello everyone and welcome to Honey Lune Hivery, a space dedicated to a holistic and simplistic natural lifestyle derived from bees. These tiny creatures, often misjudged, hold great meaning and importance to the world. In Ancient Egypt, the bee was a symbol of rebirth and honored the sun god, Ra. When the bee came into my life three years ago, I began a transformation that awoke my soul. Learning the lessons the bee has to offer, I embraced the sweetness of life, adopted a natural lifestyle, which included becoming a vegan, and found peace and harmony through spiritual energy work. The bee represents who I am today and the life I am living.

Being a busy bee with many ventures, such as my design services and shop, where I display my creativity and appreciation for Mother Earth, this blog is the hive of my endeavors, where all ideas come together, connection and representing who I am and what I stand for. This is how I embrace the bee lifestyle. bumble bee etsy

So how can you be a bee? To be a bee means to be apart of a community that strengthens our consecutiveness with joy, love, and service. Bees do not only help their own hive, but through the process of collecting nectar, they pollinate, which provides the rest of us with a source of natural plant-based energy. Their role to the environment is so crucial, that without the bees, the other species would die off. Bees bring to our awareness the connectiveness of our planet, and through an environmental approach to life, we can connect to the bee mentality.

Right now I am a single bee, but through handwork and service, I hope to grow this hive into something bee-utiful; a place of joy, love, and awareness. Join the hive and see all the sweetness life has to offer!


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