Connecting to Fall Energies

While the start of Autumn is marked down as September 23rd this year in our calendars (also known as the Fall Equinox and Mabon), now is the time where the elemental energies are shifting in Mother Nature. Each of the four seasons connects to one of the four elements. Spring-Earth, Summer-Fire, Fall-Air, and Winter-Water. Transitioning from the lively, passionate, and bright energies of Summer and Fire, the earth moves into the changes and mysticism that Fall and the Air element bring. Now is the time where both energies are coming together. We see the fire in the warm colors of the treetops, while the wind gets a cool crispness to it. We say goodbye to summer and welcome in the season of Autumn.

The changes that Fall brings is something to admire. As well look at all the transformations Mother Nature is going through at this time, we can appreciate the changes in our own lives and to embrace them rather than shunning away from the inevitable adaptations of life. Fall is a time to be grateful for these moments.

Showing my appreciation for the season of Fall, I put together this crystal grid to connect to Mother Earth’s new energies that she brings at this time of year. Here are the stones I used and how they connect to this wonderful season.


Smoky Quartz- Connecting to the element of Air, Smoky Quartz is a stone that helps release negative energies back to the Earth, cleansing you in the process. This stone is strongly linked to Mother Earth, and is a good stone for environmental healing. It allows one to embrace the changes of life and how to let go of what is not longer necessary for personal growth.

Garnet- Garnet strengthens and balances our energy systems. It encourages the pleasures of earthly incarnation, such as enjoying the wonders of Autumn. It resonates with our Root Chakra, promoting love and passion, connecting to the element of Fire.

Tree Agate- A stone of inner peace, Tree Agate connects to the oneness in ourselves, achieving unity and balance. Having deep association with the earth, it helps connect to the natural cycles of life, ushering in prosperity and abundance. It helps stabilize oneself during the midst of the changes of life.

May the Autumn blessings surround you as you embrace the changes of the season!


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