Stone Pairing: Poland

Poland-Flag-WallpaperAncestry has been one of the many interests in my life. Tracing my family’s lineage, I not only discover more about them, but myself. My dad was born in central Poland, coming to America when he was only nine. We still have many relatives in Poland, and my dad and Uncle remain in contact with them. My mother’s side has been in the Chicago area for a few generations, but the main ethnicity on her side of the family is Polish as well.

Growing up, I took great pride in my Polish roots, dressing up in traditional attire for holidays, listening to Polka, and eating comfort foods such as perogis and guampki. I was passionate about my cultural background.

So how does this tie into my mystical world of crystals and energy? There are certain stones that have special meanings to different cultures. If you are very in touch with your heritage, these stones may resonate with you more. And visa versa, if you would like to connect more with your roots, stones associated with that culture are a way to do so.

Wanting to honor my Polish ancestry, here are stones that I found work with that energy:

Amber – A soft gentle stone, if you want to call it a stone. Amber is actually resin from trees, fossilized for over 400,000 years. Baltic Amber, found in the Baltic region, is prized for its clarity. Amber helps smooth emotions, removing negativity and stress, and relieving fears and anxiety.

Red Jasper – Associated with the base chakras, Red Jasper assists in rebirthing and cleansing the aura. It strengthens your boundaries and is an excellent stone for courage and inner power. This ties into the qualities of the eagle, Poland’s symbol. Red Jasper also represents the color of the flag.

Sodalite – This blue stone reminds you to stay true to yourself, but also is useful for harmony within groups, stimulating trust and companionship. It Associating with the throat chakra, Sodalite is good for communicating, allowing stories of family and ancestry to be shared.



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