Moon Forecasts

The Hunter’s Moon: Full Moon of October

The moon has strong impact on our emotions and behaviors. Astrologists knew this, and connected the moon to these characteristics. The phases of the moon cycle also have influence, and different phases represent different experiences within ourselves. The full moon is the time in the moon cycle where we are most sociable, tending to enjoy crowds and gatherings. We have increased energy, especially in the evening. The full moon connects to the Goddess, so we tend to have more sexual energy at this time as well, feeling flirtatious, sexy, and lighthearted.

The Triple Goddess Symbol, representing the three stages of woman.
The Triple Goddess Symbol, representing the three stages of woman.

Full moons are a time for rituals that involve releasing things that no longer benefit you. This could be old habits, unhealthy people, etc. It is also a wonderful time to harness the lunar energy and cleanse your stones and crystals. Place them out in the full moon light overnight to charge them and rid them of old, unwanted energies.

Being associated with the Goddess, full moons are a time to connect to your intuition and psychic abilities. Lucid dreaming is strongest at this time, and the ability to recall dreams is very high. Divination is a ritual that is good to practice during the full moon, and since All Hallow’s Eve/Halloween/Samhain is approaching within the next few days, this full moon is a very heightened time for it. I usually take this time to do my tarot reading for the upcoming month. tumblr_mpy00wd9oe1r0bap0o1_1280Scrying, Runes, Dowsing, and Tea Reading are all good ways to practice divination.

October 27th marks the full moon for this month. Many cultures around the world named the full moons in association to what was happening at that time of year, in order to keep time. Known as the Hunter’s Moon, this was the start of hunting season, preparing for the long winters ahead. It is a good time to align yourself with nature and conducting magical rituals concerning animal issues, such as finding your personal animal guide, totem or relating to your birth totem.

Have a mystical, magical full moon!


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