Crystal Pairing – Stones of Ancient Egypt


I have a strong connection to ancient Egypt. Egyptians were very advanced for their time, developing new technologies, writing systems, and architecture. Not only were they advanced in science, but energies as well, communicating with higher beings who were said to have given them the means to many of their systems. Many awakened souls have past lives in ancient Egypt, myself included. Wishing to awaken this part of me, I have been connecting to stones that have significance to ancient Egypt, hoping to unlock new information about myself and my karmic past. I have multiple stone pairings for Egyptian energy. I have a necklace with Lapis and Red Jasper, as well as the Ankh, which was a tool used by Egyptians to redirect energy, as well as being a symbol for eternal life. I also wear Malachite and Turquoise rings and just recently purchased a lovely Azurite specimen. Hopefully with all this Egypt energy, I will connect with my past self soon!

Here is my precious stones pairing of ancient Egypt:

Red Jasper-Thought to symbolize the blood of the Goddess Isis, the Mother Goddess, this stone was used to treat infertility and increase sexual vigor. Red Jasper is a good grounding stone, helping boost strength and aids in protection.

Carnelian-Called the “setting sun” by Ancient Egyptians, Carnelian symbolized the blood of life and immortality, connecting to the Goddess Isis. It was worn to promote love, passion and desire. With training, it may be used to see into the past.

Malachite-Used to promote inner visions, Malachite was worn by Pharaohs, serving as a grounding force to help them channel higher energies onto the planet. A stone of dreams, Malachite brings vivid memories to life.

Turquoise-This stone was prized for its powers of protection and good luck. It honors the Hathor, the Goddess of joy and fertility.

Lapis Lazuli-A special stone to Egypt, Lapis represents the heavens, symbolizing creation and rebirth. Used by healers, priests and royalty to enhance psychic abilities, wisdom, and inner vision. It opens the Third Eye to promote spiritual journeying.

Azurite-A very psychic stone to Egypt, Azurite was said to contain mysteries only known to the high priests and priestesses, used in ceremonies for greater insight, for visionary powers, and particularly for hypnosis. Resonating with the Third Eye, Azurite is good for past life exploration and developing psychic and intuitive gifts.


3 thoughts on “Crystal Pairing – Stones of Ancient Egypt

  1. Hi, I recently bought a beautiful carnelian and lapis necklace. Is this a good crystal pairing? I’m interested in knowing how this particular crystal combination would affect me


    1. That is a great combo of Egyptian energy! This is a good pairing for meditation! Lapis Lazuli opens your third eye, enhancing wisdom and intuition, while Carnelian is a good grounding stone, anchoring you to the present moment and removing unnecessary thoughts during mediation.


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