Crystal Pairing for Autumn

The 23rd of September marks the Fall Equinox, otherwise known as the first day of Fall. There is such a warm magic at this time of year. The leaves start to ignite if flames of gold and red hues, and the air gets crisp with the foreshadowing of winter. It is part of the continuous cycle of life, and Autumn is the season that reminds us that change is inevitable. At this time of year, people would start to prepare for the long winters ahead by harvesting the crops of that previous summer. Festivals and celebrations in honor of a good bounty would take place. In all, fall is a time to give thanks and embrace change.

While there are many stones that connect to the energies of fall, two in particular spoke to me: Smoky Quartz and Fire Agate. These stones combine bring forth the warm fire energy of Fall as well as the connection to the earth.

Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone that not only connects to the earth and root chakra, but to your higher self and crown chakra too. It helps ground oneself and like the changing of the season, allows us to let go of things that no longer serve or benefit us. Connecting to the fire and air elements, this stone is perfect for this time of year.

Fire Agate is a protective stone that brings forth more fire and air energy. While most people connect the warm fire hues of the trees to the season of fall, air is also an important element connecting to this time. The Equinox happens on the 23rd, which marks the beginning of the zodiac calendar for Libra, an air sign. Traditional agate connects to the air element, but this fire agate also brings forth the fire energy to the mix. It was often used in alchemy and thought to contain the essence fire itself. It invokes passion and love in everyday life.

Combining these two stones together, you are all set for those fabulous fall energies. Happy Equinox!


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