Moon Forecasts

Full Moon of June

Happy Strawberry Moon everyone! Tonight marks the full moon in June, otherwise known as the Strawberry Moon. Yum! I am a bit of a lunatic. Did you know that the words, “looney” and “lunatic” derive from the word moon (Lune or Luna). The moon is said to have powerful holds on our emotional and mental states, which is why people were thought to go crazy during a full moon, hence these words. Actually that isn’t too far from the truth. There are a reported increase in car accidents and homicides during the full moon. Also, it syncs up to a lot of women’s menstrual cycles. The moon has quite a power on us earthlings! It even affects our tides. But enough fun facts about the moon, since it is the full moon, I’ve taken full hold of Lady Lune’s powers.

Due to the heightened energy that the full moon provides, every full moon I partake in my full moon rituals. I charge and cleanse my crystals by leaving them on my window stile or outside overnight so the moon’s rays can clean and charge the energy of my stones. Anyone else who is interested in healing crystals, take advantage of the full moon! The full moon is also the time where I do my tarot reading for the upcoming month. Since the moon is linked to intuition, I do my monthly readings at this time to get the best results (according to me). I’ll meditate with one (or two) of my stones that links to psychic abilities and intuition (such as amethyst). I will also meditate with my tarot deck so my energies are in tune with the cards. So far my monthly readings have been spot on!

Okay, so maybe you’re not into the full moon rituals, such as crystal clearing and tarot reading, but none the less, the moon is wonderful. I could stare at her all day…or actually all night! Especially now since the weather is warming up, it is the perfect opportunity to go outside and gaze up at her. I did that as well. I sat in my backyard, listening to the sounds of crickets and just stared up into the clear sky. I couldn’t help but smile and be filled with awe. How amazing that there is this beautiful big rock in the sky that holds so much power?! Moon gazing allows me to forget about my worries and take in the beauty of our universe. I hope everyone is excited for this new month of June and gets to enjoy the full moon as well!


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